Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Best of American Lit

when i think back on this year, i think i did my best and understood well was the vocab. I loved to do the remix where i also had pics that made it easier to understand and grasp the meaning of the definition. I also thought it was the best class because us kids got to do things our way. Which our first nobody knew how,but once we got the hang of it there are no limitations!


Johnny Mnemonic by William Gibson is a postmodernism/cyberpunk story. It was very confusing to understand. The way i understood it was that the reason why it is postmodernism was because it wasn't in  chronological order.


The experience i had when i was talking to myself was kind of weird. I just went on telling myself and reminding myself what i should do in the future and what i should have done. It is going to be kind of exciting to get an email in the future.

Monday, June 3, 2013




  • We talked about in class how the dog was borrowed for war and was suppose to be mean and ferocious was actually named Princess.
  • When the scouts who ditched Billy and Weary got shot all i thought was karma is B***H!
  • Also i was really grossed out about the picture of the woman and pony.
  • Also really grossed out about the vibrator. 
  • It just hard because it switches different stories.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


ABSURD: Wildly unreasonable, illogical or in appropriate.
One example that happens a lot that is absurd to me is that everyone thinks my mom and i look like sisters.

- Apparently he got the saying "so it goes" from tralfamdorian.
-When the author said that Billy went to Joe College it reminded me of one of the homework assignments because we had to title it that.
-Also this book is very confusing. Now i know why it's considered postmodernism because nothing is in order. It skips around a lot.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


SCHLACHTHOF EIN: a slaughter house.
Explanation: This is the title of the novel.

  • was a prisoner at slaughter house during war.
  • He wrote a book about what had happen to him in Dresden.
  • His old war buddy was Bernard V. OH' are.
  • wanted Bernard V. O'Hare to help him write his book by helping him remember what had happen.
  • Uses the phrase so it goes when he talks about people dying or being dead.
  • He was rescued during the war and was taken care of also got sent home. Where he met his wife.
  • He worked as a police reporter for the famous Chicago City News Bureau.
  • He was an United World Federalist.
  • He took his daughter, nanny, her best friend Allison Mitchell when he went to visit his old war buddy.
  • He thought Mary O'Hare hated him.
  • He dedicated the book to Mary, O'Hare's wife and Gerhard Muller, the taxi driver.
  • He was going to call the book "The children's crusade."
  • He didn't want his sons to have anything to do with the war.